World Soils Day 2019 pledge for industry

To mark World Soils Day (5 December), industry and councils are renewing their commitment to the Back to Earth Initiative. World Soils Day is a reminder about the importance of soil health, and how compost made from household food and green waste, is nourishing Victorian soils.

We commit to supporting the Back to Earth Initiative which promotes food and green waste recycling to the community. We will continue to work with the community, councils and Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) to help the community correctly recycle food and green waste.

The Back to Earth Initiative shows how food and green waste is turned into valuable compost. This compost is used to help local parks, farms and gardens bloom. It’s also a reminder about how to use food and green waste recycling service correctly.

By working collaboratively to promote food and/or green waste collection services, councils—supported by MWRRG and industry—can provide clear and consistent information to the community.

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