Garden Competition - postponed

To allow kindergartens, schools and community groups to focus on other priorities we are postponing the Back to Earth Initiative Victorian Garden Competition.

We've already had a number of nominations from kindergartens, schools and community groups to win up to $5,000 for an environmental or garden project. These nominations will remain valid when we reopen the competition. You do not need to do anything further if you have already submitted a project, we will contact you directly. 

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If you haven't yet nominated, you can still send your nomination in until 17 April or hold onto your idea and stay tuned for an update later in the year. We’re looking forward to seeing more interesting and innovative ways you’re putting your food and green waste to good use.

The Back to Earth Initiative shows us that what we put in our green waste bins can be turned into useful compost that helps gardens and farms bloom. Find out what can go in your green waste bin.

Ever wondered what happens to your green bin after it's picked up? Watch how farmers and growers are using compost made from our food and green waste.

Find out about food and/or green waste services in your council.